EMBO long-term fellowship for Camila GOLDY

Congratulations to Camila GOLDY for being awarded an EMBO long-term fellowship, starting March 2022 ! During her 8 years of research experience in The National University of Rosario (Argentina), Camila gained a vaste experience in the field of plant biology. Throughout her stay in the RNA Biology lab, under the supervision of Dr. Ramiro E. Rodriguez (Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Rosario, IBR-UNR-CONICET, Argentina), she started a new line of research and set up a variety of techniques related to cell cycle synchronization, confocal microscopy, and analysis of root development that will be essential to carry out her current EMBO project. After six years working at the same institution, she decided that the best way to gain independence as a researcher would be to continue her scientific career doing a postdoc abroad. In order to gain new skills, she is now changing the focus of her work, which has been mainly gene expression and plant development, to the area of cell biology, cytoskeleton and lipid signalling.

This EMBO long-term Fellowship is a perfect next step for her career to gain new skills, broaden her perspective and generally nurture her future career as an independent researcher. She will focus during her stay at RDP on the molecular dialog between the membrane lipids and the cytoskeleton during the cell division, using Arabidopsis as a model. She will benefit from the expertise and recent tools developed in the "Cell Signalling and Endomembrane" team.