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 Inkscape - rudiments, basics, advanced, other tutorials...
 Gimp -,,
 Plant Illustrations- a collection of illustrations and pictures of plants, roots, shoots, inflorescences,


 Comparaison de populations - tests paramétriques
 Comparaison de populations - tests nonparamétriques
 Statistics with scipy.stats


 User guide
 Developer documentation


 Website of the software
 User guide

In the CBP computer room :
 to start MorphoGraphX : Activities->Applications->Science->MorphoGraphX
 profile configuration (only at first connection) : Activities->Applications->System Tools->dconf-editor :
org -> gnome -> desktop -> wm -> preferences : mouse-button-modifier : ’<’Super’>’

Forge of tools developed in the Biophysics team

The tools developed in the team are gathered on the Forge of the CBP.