Post-doctoral Position in Plant Evo-Devo

A 2-year post-doctoral position (with possibility of extension) is available at the Plant Reproduction and Development (RDP) laboratory (ENS Lyon, France), in the framework of an ANR-funded project in collaboration with the team of Dr. François Parcy (Floral Regulators team website). The recruited person will work under the supervision of Dr. Yoan Coudert.

Expected starting date : February-April 2022

The RDP laboratory is a world leading research center on plant development and quantitative biology. The laboratory offers a highly stimulating international and interdisciplinary environment where expertise ranges from molecular genetics, genomics, cell biology to biophysics, mathematics and computational modeling. The laboratory is located in the ENS de Lyon elite University in the vibrant and culturally diverse city of Lyon.

Research topic :
The researcher will investigate the function and evolution of a master regulator of the floral transition beyond flowering plants, i.e. in the moss Physcomitrium patens and the hornwort Anthoceros agrestis, using cutting-edge techniques in developmental genetics and genomics.

Required skills :
We are looking for highly motivated and creative candidates with a proven ability to solve scientific problems, critically discuss experimental results and interact with scientists from distinct backgrounds (biologists, bio-physicists, computer scientists). The candidates should have practical skills in cell/tissue culture, molecular biology and live confocal imaging. The working language of the laboratory and the team is English. Excellent written and communication skills are required.

Scientific references :


Année : 2022-2023