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Darracq A, Vitte C, Nicolas S, Duarte J, Pichon JP, Mary-Huard T, Chevalier C, Bérard A, Le Paslier MC, Rogowsky P, Charcosset A, Joets J. Sequence analysis of European maize inbred line F2 provides new insights into molecular and chromosomal characteristics of presence/absence variants.
BMC Genomics. [PMID : 29402214]

Lang D, Ullrich KK, Murat F, Fuchs J, Jenkins J, Haas FB, Piednoel M, Gundlach H, Van Bel M, Vives Cobo, Morata J, Symeonidi A, Hiss M, Meyberg R, Muchero W, Kamisugi Y, Saleh O, Blanc G, Decker EL, van Gessel N, Grimwood J, Hayes R, Graham SW, Gunter LE, McDaniel S, Hoernstein SNW, Larsson A, Li FW, Phillips J, Ranjan P, Rokshar DS, Rothfels CJ, Schneider L, Shu S, Stevenson DW, Thümmler F, Tillich M, Villarreal JCA, Widiez T, Wong GKS, Wymore A, Zhang Y, Zimmer AD, Quatrano RS, Mayer KFX, Goodstein D, Casacuberta JM, Vandepoele K, Reski R, Cuming AC, Tuskan J, Maumus F, Salse J, Schmutz J, Rensing SA.The P. patens chromosome-scale assembly reveals moss genome structure and evolution.
Plant Journal, [PMID : 29237241]


Youssef D, Nihou A, Partier A, Tassy C, Paul W, Rogowsky PM, Beckert M and Barret P. Induction of targeted deletions in transgenic bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) using customised meganuclease.
Plant Mol Biol Rep [Link to]

Amanda D, Doblin MS, MacMillan CP, Galletti R, Golz JF, Bacic A, Ingram GC, Johnson KL. Arabidopsis DEFECTIVE KERNEL1 regulates cell wall composition and axial growth in the inflorescence stem. Plant Direct [Link]

Widiez, T., Ingram, G. C. & Gutierrez-Marcos, J. Embryo-Endosperm-Sporophyte Interaction in Maize Seeds. in Maize Kernel Development 95–107 (Brian A. Larkins, 2017). [Link to the book]

Gilles LM, Martinant JP, Rogowsky PM, Widiez T. Haploid induction in plants. Current Biology [PMID : 29065285]

Tran D, Galletti R, Neumann ED, Dubois A, Sharif-Naeini R, Geitmann A, Frachisse JM, Hamant O, Ingram GC A mechanosensitive Ca2+ channel activity is dependent on the developmental regulator DEK1. Nat Commun. [PMID : 29044106]

Ingram G, Nawrath C. The roles of the cuticle in plant development : organ adhesions and beyond. J Exp Bot. [PMID : 28992283]

Moussu SA, Doll NM, Chamot S, Brocard L, Creff A, Fourquin C, Widiez T, Nimchuk ZL, Ingram GC.
ZHOUPI and KERBEROS Mediate Embryo/Endosperm Separation by Promoting the Formation of an Extra-Cuticular Sheath at the Embryo Eurface.
Plant Cell [PMID : 28696222]
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Amanda D, Doblin MS, Galletti R, Bacic A, Ingram GC, Johnson KL
Regulation of Cell Wall Genes in Response to DEFECTIVE KERNEL1 (DEK1)-Induced Cell Wall Changes.
Plant Signal Behav [PMID : 28692330]

Gilles LM, Khaled A, Laffaire JB, Chaignon S, Gendrot G, Laplaige J, Bergès H, Beydon G, Bayle V, Barret P, Comadran J, Martinant JP, Rogowsky PM, Widiez T.
Loss of pollen-specific phospholipase NOT LIKE DAD triggers gynogenesis in maize
EMBO J. 2017 [PMID : 28228439]
Featured in EMBO J ; INRA ; CNRS ; ENS de Lyon

Doll MN, Depège-Fargeix N, Rogowsky PM, Widiez T.
Signaling in early maize kernel development
Molecular Plant. 2017 [PMID : 28267956]

Meyer HM, Teles J, Formosa-Jordan P, Refahi Y, San-Bento R, Ingram G, Jönsson H, Locke JC, Roeder AH.
Fluctuations of the transcription factor ATML1 generate the pattern of giant cells in the Arabidopsis sepal
Elife. 2017 [PMID : 28145865]

Ingram GC.
Dying to live : cell elimination as a developmental strategy in angiosperm seeds.
J Exp Bot. [PMID : 27702990]


Amanda D, Doblin MS, Galletti R, Bacic A, Ingram GC, Johnson KL.
DEFECTIVE KERNEL1 (DEK1) regulates cell walls in the leaf epidermis Plant Physiol. 2016 [PMID : 27756823]

Sucher J, Boni R, Yang P, Rogowsky P, Kumlehn J, Krattinger SG, Keller B.
The durable wheat disease resistance gene Lr34 confers common rust and northern corn leaf blight resistance in maize. Plant Biotech J. [PMID : 27734576]

Galletti R, Verger S, Hamant O, and Ingram G.
Developing a ‘thick skin’ : a paradoxical role for mechanical tension in maintaining epidermis integrity ?
Development. [PMID : 27624830]

Beauzamy L, Fourquin C, Dubrulle N, Boursiac Y, Boudaoud A, Ingram G.
Endosperm turgor pressure decreases during early Arabidopsis seed development.
Development. [PMID : 27287811]

Fourquin C, Beauzamy L, Chamot S, Creff A, Goodrich J, Boudaoud A, Ingram G.
Mechanical stress mediated by both endosperm softening and embryo growth underlies endosperm elimination in Arabidopsis seeds.
Development. [PMID : 27287798]

Ingram G, Fujiwara T.
Special Focus Issue on Plant Responses to the Environment.
Plant Cell Physiol. [PMID : 2016 27091852]

Delude C, Moussu S, Joubès J, Ingram G and Domergue F.
Plant surface lipids and epidermis development. Lipids in Plant and Algae Development. Subcell Biochem. [PMID : 27023240]


Rousseau D*, Widiez T*, Di Tommaso S, Rositi H, Adrien J, Maire E, Langer M, Olivier C, Peyrin F, Rogowsky P.
Fast virtual histology using X-ray in-line phase tomography : application to the 3D anatomy of maize developing seeds.
Plant Methods. 2015 [PMID:26688690]

Sosso D, Luo D, Li QB, Sasse J, Yang J, Gendrot G, Suzuki M, Koch KE, McCarty DR, Chourey PS, Rogowsky PM, Ross-Ibarra J, Yang B, Frommer WB.
Seed filling in domesticated maize and rice depends on SWEET-mediated hexose transport.
Nat Genet. 2015 [PMID : 26523777]

Grimault A, Gendrot G, Chamot S, Widiez T, Rabillé H, Gérentes M-F, Creff A, Thévenin J, Dubreucq B, Ingram GC, Rogowsky PM, and Depège-Fargeix, N.
ZmZHOUPI, an endosperm-specific bHLH transcription factor involved in maize seed development.
Plant J. 2015 [PMID : 26361885]

Galletti R and Ingram GC.
Communication is key : reducing DEK1 activity reveals a link between cell-cell contacts and epidermal cell differentiation status.
Communicative & Integrative Biology, 2015 [PMID : 27064205]

Ingram G and Gutierrez-Marcos J.
Peptide signalling during angiosperm seed development.
J Exp Bot. 2015 [PMID : 26195729]

La Rocca N, Manzotti PS, Cavaiuolo M, Barbante A, Dalla Vecchia F, Gabotti D, Gendrot G, Horner DS, Krstajic J, Persico M, Rascio N, Rogowsky P, Scarafoni A, Consonni G.
The maize fused leaves1 (fdl1) gene controls organ separation in the embryo and seedling shoot and promotes coleoptile opening.
J Exp Bot. 2015 [PMID : 26093144]

Grimault A, Gendrot G, Chaignon S, Gilard F, Tcherkez G, Thévenine J, Dubreucq B, Depège-Fargeix N, Rogowsky PM.
Role of B3 domain transcription factors of the AFL family in maize kernel filling. Plant Science. 2015 [PMID : 26025525]

McLaughlin JE, Bin-Umer MA, Widiez T, Finn D, McCormick S, Tumer NE.
A Lipid Transfer Protein Increases the Glutathione Content and Enhances Arabidopsis Resistance to a Trichothecene Mycotoxin. [PMID : 26057253]

Galletti R, Johnson KL, Scofield S, San-Bento R, Watt AM, Murray JA, Ingram GC.
DEFECTIVE KERNEL 1 promotes and maintains plant epidermal differentiation. Development. 2015 [PMID : 25953348]

Klein-Cosson C, Chambrier P, Rogowsky PM, Vernoud V.
Regulation of a maize HD-ZIP IV transcription factor by a non-conventional RDR2-dependent small RNA.
Plant J. 2015 [PMID:25619590]

Creff A, Brocard L, Ingram G.
A mechanically sensitive cell layer regulates the physical properties of the Arabidopsis seed coat.
Nat Commun. 2015 [PMID : 25702924]


Widiez T, Symeonidi A, Luo C, Lam E, Lawton M, Rensing SA
The chromatin landscape of the moss Physcomitrella patens and its dynamics during development and drought stress. Plant Journal 2014 [PMID : 24779858]

Smolarkiewicz M, Skrzypczak T, Michalak M, Leśniewicz K, Walker JR, Ingram G, Wojtaszek P.
Gamma-secretase subunits associate in intracellular membrane compartments in Arabidopsis thaliana. J Exp Bot. 2014 [PMID:24723404]

Denay G, Creff A, Moussu S, Wagnon P, Thévenin J, Gérentes MF, Chambrier P, Dubreucq B, Ingram G.
Endosperm breakdown in Arabidopsis requires heterodimers of the basic helix-loop-helix proteins ZHOUPI and INDUCER OF CBP EXPRESSION Development. 2014 [PMID : 24553285]

San-Bento R, Farcot E, Galletti R, Creff A, Ingram G.
Epidermal identity is maintained by cell-cell communication via a universally active feedback-loop in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Journal [PMID : 24147836]


Moussu S, San-Bento R, Galletti R, Creff A, Farcot E, Ingram G.
Embryonic cuticle establishment : The great (apoplastic) divide. Plant Signal Behav. 2014 [PMID : 24398513]

Xing, Q., Creff, A., Waters, A., Tanaka, H., Goodrich, J., and Ingram, G.C. (2013). ZHOUPI controls embryonic cuticle formation via a signalling pathway involving the subtilisin protease ABNORMAL LEAF-SHAPE1 and the receptor kinases GASSHO1 and GASSHO2. Development 140, 770-779.

Waters, A., Creff, A., Goodrich, J., and Ingram, G. (2013). "What we’ve got here is failure to communicate" : Zou mutants and endosperm cell death in seed development. Plant Signal Behav.


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