- INRA Research Engineer position- Ingénieur-e de recherche en développement logiciel et modélisation pour la morphogenèse du vivant

We regularly offer Internships and PhD fellowships, so we encourage interested students to contact the research teams directly by e-mail. Nevertheless, here are some examples, classified here with respect to the host team.

Cell Signaling and Endocytosis
- Master internship (2017-18) : Plant speed-dating: Deciphering the first molecular dialogue between reproductive partners

Hormonal Signaling and Development
- CDD IE/IR 3ans : Design or Research Engineer specialized in computer vision / robotics. This job is proposed in the context of the ROMI Project (Robotics for Microfarms) which was successful in the current European H2020 call for proposals (SFS-05-2017). ROMI aims to develop robotics suitable for organic micro-farms (0.01 à 5 ha). Many aspects of the project require the development of precision 3D-imaging tools for plants that will eventually be integrated into a small land-based, four-wheeled robot (called « LettuceThink» and developed by Sony CSL). This robot is a versatile platform designed to carry various innovations intended to help crop management in micro-farms. For more details, see the job description.

Former proposals

Biophysics and development
- Internship (2016-17) : The contribution of mechanical signals in shoot apical meristem functions
- Internship (2015-16) : High resolution analysis of root kinematics --- Baskin lab (Amherst, USA) / Biophysics and Development (Lyon, France)
- Internship (2015-16) : Understanding the cellular-level dynamics of homeotic gene expression during flower development via an interdisciplinary approach
- Internship (2015-16) : Unravelling the regulation and function of hydrostatic pressure in morphogenesis at the shoot apex of Arabidopsis thaliana
- Internship (2013-14): Segmentation of 3D biological images using parallel computing

Seed development
- Internship (2015-16) : Dissecting the Mechanical Regulation of Seed Size
- Internship (2014-15): Mechanical signalling in seed growth coordination
- Internship (2013-14): Mechanisms underlying endosperm persistence in Angiosperms

Evolution and Development of the Flower
- Internship (2015-16) : Control of Flower meristem termination and placenta
- Internship(2013-14): The resurrection of ancestral proteins that contributed to the origin of the flower

Floral meristem
- Internship (2013-14): The implication of the transcription factor ETTIN in Arabidopsis carpel morphogenesis

Floral Morphogenesis
- Internship (2013-14): Characterisation of a flower morphogenesis mutant in rose
- Internship (2013-14): Functional characterisation of the "Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein", a protein involved in growth regulation

Cell Signaling and Endocytosis
- 3 years postdoc position: “Plant epidermis responses to invading cells”
- Internship(2014-15): Molecular basis for the allelic dominance: the case of the autocompatibility at Arabidopsis
- Internship (2014-15): Growth regulation during environmental changes

Hormonal Signaling and Development
- Internship (2016-17) : Molecular links between flower morphogenesis and auxin signalling

Epigenetics, Chromatin and Development
- Master Internship (2017-18) : Functional dynamics of PRC2 activity in the shoot apical meristem