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MARCH 2021

Monday 15 March @ 11.00
Charles Melnyk

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Unraveling the mechanisms of tissue regeneration and graft formation
Host : Benoit Landrein

APRIL 2021

Monday 26 April @ 11.00
Danny Geelen

Ghent University, Belgium
Title TBA
Host : Olivier Hamant

MAY 2021

Monday 17 May @ 11.00
Mattias Thelander

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Control of reproductive development in moss : The interplay between auxin synthesis and sensing
Host : Yoan Coudert

JUNE 2021

Monday 7 June @ 11.00
David Bouchez

IJPB INRA Versailles, France
Spatial coordination of division, growth and differentiation in plant cells
Host : Marie Cécile Caillaud

Monday 28 June @ 11.00
Guido Grossman

Heidelberg University, Germany
Title TBA
Host : Carlos Galvan Ampudia

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    Monday 1 March @ 11.00 Ryushiro Kasahara Gakushuin University, Japan "L’échec est la mère du succès" - Plant Reproductive Strategies, learning from failure of the pollen tube guidance, fertilization and seed formation Host : Olivier Hamant Monday 1 March @ 14.00 Naomi Nakayama Imperial College (...)