The RDP institute conducts mainly fundamental research aiming at a multiscale and quantitative understanding of the development and evolution of plant reproductive structures (from flower formation to seed development). The teams exploit an internationally-recognized interdisciplinary expertise that includes approaches ranging from molecular genetics to cell biology, biophysics, modeling and systems biology in order to unravel the molecular and physical basis of plant morphogenesis.

The RDP lab is organised in nine research teams (see menu on the left).

Research Networks (RN) and International Research Networks (IRN)

The RDP takes part of several Research Networks (RN)
 GDR PhyP - Biophysics and Biomechanics of Plants
 GDR CellTiss - Physics of the cell to the tissue
and International Research Networks (IRN)
 IPB NETWORK- Integrative Plant Biology
 IRN POLS - Physics of Living Systems

Analysis tools and data basis

The lab is involved in the development of analysis tools and databases.

Plant cultures

Informations about plant cultures in the RDP lab are here.


Informations about quality procedures in the RDP lab are here.