Help and support for students

Help and support for students

Tue, 22/12/2020


Lockdown has led to increased anxiety and isolation for many students in higher education. Students have created a Forum flyer with contact details for services to help other students in need of equipment or psychological support. Please share this information with anyone who could benefit from these services.

Keep in touch

ENS de Lyon has put into place help and support for students to help them in their studies and everyday activities, due to the challenges of distance learning and social distancing, either at the School, or for their loved ones living in residence or in welfare accommodation provided by the CROUS, and especially for foreign students.

There are several different support mechanisms, put into place by the CROUS or by associations, to help students benefit from financial or material assistance, or psychological support to fight against the issues of solitude and insecurity. 

You can find the list of services on the "Help and support" page of the French website, as well as a flyer created by students for further advice. Please share it with others.

The Nightline help line

This service is open to students from 9pm to 2:30am. It is operational thanks to a team of volunteers from various Nightline associations in France and offers an online chat and a Nightline Lyon help line (Dial 04 85 30 00 10).

Night line


  • For students who need emergency help, a free telephone line is open: 0 806 000 278. The platform is available 9am-5pm from Monday to Friday.
  • For students in residence, student advisers are available to help: see email addresses.
  • If you are in Lyon, please consult the Emergency Social support guide (in French).