China Scholarship Council: 2019 Call for applications

China Scholarship Council: 2019 Call for applications

Tue, 20/11/2018

Call for applications

Call for PhD applications: to carry out a thesis in ENS de Lyon's research laboratories.

The Group of French Écoles normales supérieures (ENS) has signed a cooperation agreement with the China Scholarship Council - CSC, providing funding for 30 PhD students for the whole ENS group (Paris, Paris-Saclay, Lyon, Rennes), on the basis of a selection by the ENS and by the CSC.

Phase 1: Call for thesis proposals

November 20, to January 15, 2019

PhD thesis proposals:

Phase 2: Call for PhD applications

From January 1st to March 1st, 2019

Send your application to the International Affairs Office ( with all the documents required:

  • CV of the applicant (level of English and/or French)
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Cover letter in English or French
  • Signed CV of the thesis director
  • CSC application form filled in and signed by the thesis director
  • Letter of acceptance signed by the thesis director at the ENS de Lyon (describing the thesis subject and the context of cooperation).
    This letter must be signed by the Director of the laboratory and the Director of the doctoral School.

Following the inter-ENS committee, the International Affairs Office will establish a Pre-admission letter signed by ENS de Lyon for the selected candidate.

Phase 3: Selection of applications

Early March, 2019

Within the agreement between the Group of 4 French ENS and the China Scholarship Council (CSC), ENS Lyon is launching the PhD call for applications intended to recruit high-level-students that wish to carry out a thesis in its research laboratories.

Phase 4: Application procedure in China

From March 20th to April 5th, 2019

Selected candidates apply on the CSC website

Applicants must specify that they are applying through the specific ENS-CSC program(与法国高师集团合作奖学金).

Phase 5: Registration procedure in France

Before August 2019

Double registration (online) of selected PhD students at the relevant Doctoral School and at ENS Lyon: registration process (in French)

The selection criteria will take into account the quality of the application, the interest in the topic of research by the host laboratory in ENS Lyon, and in the existing cooperations with the home university candidates (PROSFER-JoRISS programmes with ECNU in Shanghai, university of Fudan in Shanghai, Beijing, international associated laboratories...).

  • The scholarship is granted for a maximum of 4 years. The total amount of the grant is €1200 per month. Joint-PhD and thesis codirections are privileged. In case of a Joint-PhD, the grant will be transferred only when the Chinese researcher will be in France.
  • Candidates must be of Chinese nationality, live in China and to not work outside of China while applying.
  • Selected CSC candidates commit to go back to China after the dissertation defense or after a postPhD stay abroad (after the CSC agreement).
  • Candidates must fulfil the conditions of entry and selection of ENS de Lyon and the concerned doctoral School; they must have an improved English level and for humanities candidates an excellent French level.
  • Candidates must be welcomed in a laboratory as part of ENS de Lyon.
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