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IDEX Project

The French government and the National Research Agency have set up a state-funded program called IDEX (Initatives d'Excellence) to encourage the emergence of top-flight research and education hubs across the country. The goal of IDEX is to promote a dozen "centers of excellence" to boost the image and attractiveness of France on the global stage.

PALSE : Avenir Lyon Saint-Etienne Programme

In 2012, the state recognized the area of Lyon and Saint-Etienne as a promising candidate for IDEX, and granted its project 27 million euros in funding: Programme Avenir Lyon Saint-Etienne (PALSE) was born.

IDEX Lyon 2016

A new call for IDEX projects has been launched for 2016 and the Université de Lyon has been working on it. Jean-François Pinton, president of the ENS de Lyon, is in charge of the project on behalf of the Université de Lyon.

Key selection criteria:
  • standing of research
  • attractiveness of study programs
  • reputation of faculty
  • quality of governance
  • how well past projects have been carried out.
Candidates should focus on innovative projects that bring a significant added value in terms of research and training or in terms of partnerships with businesses and institutions. 

All United for IDEX 2016

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