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Préférence Photographie #3

Discussion with Bruno Bonnabry-Duval, editor of the magazine Camera
Le February 9, 2017
Place(s) :
Descartes Campus - 15 parvis René Descartes - Lyon - Debourg Station
Descartes Amphitheater
Préférence Photographie 2016-2017
Following the issue of «Photography and Ethnology» of the magazine Camera, Bruno Bonnabry-Duval is the guest of Roger-Yves Roche (Lyon 2) and David Gauthier (ENS de Lyon) for the third presentation of the program "Préférence Photographie".

Publishing agency director since 1993 and founder of Éditions Trocadéro in 2006, Bruno Bonnabry-Duval launched the magazine Camera in 2013. A photographic magazine with as much text as there are photos, the new edition of Camera perpetuates this desire of knowledge and high standards on which its reputation has been founded since its creation in 1922 in Lucerne.

Today, its aim is to bring together those who are looking to understand photography in its artistic diversity through the image issues in our society. Remaining close to its readers and intended for all ages, Camera also wants to be a bridge between the masters of photography and young talent.

Préférence Photographie is a series of encounters organized by the department of cultural affairs at the ENS de Lyon.

Partners :
With the support of the association Art and University.

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