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Research School on Molecular Programming at ENS Lyon

From 16 to January 20, 2017
Place(s) :
Monod Campus - 46 allée d'Italie - Lyon - Debourg Station

This school will take place at the ENS Lyon Computer Science Department. It is organised in collaboration with the Biology Department and the Physics Lab at ENS Lyon.

During this school “ER02: Molecular Programming, theory & wet-lab nanoscale computation”, you will learn the theory and practice of the new rising field of molecular computing where we use real molecules (mainly synthetic DNA) to achieve sophisticated computations. Theoretical sessions will be dedicated to learn about the complexity theory related to these new paradigms of computation as well as the algorithms involved in making these models a reality. Experimental sessions will be dedicated to performing wet-lab experiments where we will perform the actual experiments (1/ designing, building & observing DNA nanotubes that compute 6-bit functions, and 2/ realising & recording real-time analog systems implementing bivariate partial differential equations). The nanoscopic results will be observed using the atomic force microscopes (AFM) and fluorescent microscopes available at ENS Lyon.

Two main approaches will be detailled in this school:
  • Discrete computation using DNA tiles
  • Analog computation using DNA strands to implement numerical partial differential equations
Deadline for registration: December, 15th 2016.

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