AniRA-PBES core facility

AniRA-PBES core facility (PBES)


The AniRA-PBES core facility (Plateau de Biologie Expérimentale de la Souris - Experimental Biology in Mice) provides researchers with transgenic murine lines (establishment, breeding and production), as well as genotyping and phenotyping services. The facility has protected areas for experiments that require BSL1, BSL2 and BSL3 containment.

AniRA-PBES is part of the regional AniRA technological core facility that is certified by the national IBiSA label (IBiSA coordinates core facilities in the area of life sciences throughout France), and is a member of Celphedia (a French National Research Infrastructure for animal models).

As such, AniRA-PBES is open to academic and industrial scientists all over France.

AniRA-PBES trains researchers in animal experimentation (regulatory courses for project designers), transgenesis, embryo handling, cryopreservation of murine transgenic lines and stem cell culture.

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  • To breed and establish SPF (specific pathogen free) mice (3000 ventilated cages).
  • To supply and house mice in experimental facilities that require BSL1, BSL2 or BSL3 containment (2000 cages)
  • To perform various types of investigations (sampling, injections, weighing…)
  • To establish genetically modified mouse strains by traditional transgenesis, homologous recombination (stem cells), lentiviral transgenesis (in collaboration with the vectorology core facility), genomic engineering (TALE nuclease and gene editing)
  • To produce SPF mice by embryo transfer
  • To cryopreserve and distribute mouse strains (embryo, sperm and ovaries)
  • To perform genotype analysis by PCR (done by AniRA-AGC)
  • To run xMAP assays (Multi-Analyte Profiling, Luminex Corp)
  • To perform phenotype analyses of the immune and bone systems of knock-out and transgenic mice (AniRA-ImmOs)
  • To provide the PHARE software, specifically designed for managing animal facilities (breeding and housing of the animals, as well as for billing customers).

Prior to their use, all experimental protocols must be approved by the Ethics Committee (CECCAPP) and/or the Transgenesis Committee.