High-throughput screening facility that houses aquatic models

High-throughput screening facility that houses aquatic models (PRECI)


The PRECI core facility (Plateau de Recherche Expérimentale en Criblage In Vivo) is a high-throughput screening facility that houses aquatic models (zebrafish, platyfish, guppies, Japanese medaka,...). Procedures such as injections, behavioral tests with larvae can also be performed here.

The main activities of PRECI are:

  • To breed aquatic models
  • To develop the technological know-how required to generate transgenic lines
  • To receive, breed and store transgenic lines (including quality control).

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The PRECI core facility harbors various aquatic models required for research projects. It is possible for PRECI to house different species. Currently it has zebrafish, Japanese medakas, platyfish.

The facility preserves the founders, breeds a large number of animals for experiments and collects a daily production of eggs for the zebrafish and medaka models.

Applications for access to the services must be sent by e-mail to: PRECI.Lyon@inserm.fr.

A scientific committee evaluates the feasibility of the proposals. Experimental protocols performed in the facility must be approved beforehand by CECCAPP. Every new user must be trained. After training, users must sign the facility’s Internal Rules regarding access and working procedures. Users who fail to observe the working procedures of the facility may be denied access.


The PRECI facility has customizable tank facilities including a Tecniplast system equipped with an automated Tritone feeding system (up to 20,000 fish) and custom-designed LuxAqua systems (more than 2,000 fish). The facility also houses one experimental laboratory, with the necessary equipment to establish transgenic lines.


Training in Animal Experiments, Level 1: "Conventional and transgenic animal models for biological and medical research – Animal Facility Technology”, Inter-University Degree (I.U.D.), ENS de Lyon/UCBL - 1 session per year.