Laboratoire d'anthropologie des enjeux contemporains

Laboratoire d'anthropologie des enjeux contemporains (LADEC)

Laboratory for the Anthropology of Contemporary Issues

FRE 2002

The laboratory of Anthropology of Contemporary Issues (LADEC), is a developing research-based training (FRE 2002) devoted to the anthropological analysis of contemporary phenomena and issues. It was created in January 2017 to federate the extensive resources in anthropology of the Lyon site, both in terms of research and training.

The LADEC is supported by 3 trusteeships: National Centre of Scientific Research, the university Lumière Lyon 2, the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, and member of the InSHS (Institute of Human and Social Sciences of the CNRS).

The laboratory develops its activities on the basis of a scientific program which proposes two research themes:

  • Worlds undone/ Worlds remade
  • Uncertain natures, integrated worlds" these themes are linked to the major issues raised by the uncertainties of the contemporary world

The laboratory attaches great importance to national and international collaboration, but it is also invested in cooperation with the Lyon-based institutions. Scientific and academic partnerships are developed, not forgetting the links with public associations and major stakeholders. Supporting young researchers, PhD students and post-doctoral students are also priorities of this research unit.