Integrated management of natural resources and environmental and landscape changes

Open to :
  • Applicants holding an undergraduate degree (Bachelor)
  • EU/EEA students
  • Non-european students
Language poficency requirements :
  • French: B2

    The Integrated Management of Natural Resources and Environmental and Landscape Changes program (known as GRAINE) offers multidisciplinary training on the environment and its dynamics based on the questioning and skills developed in geography of the environment but also in other disciplines in the field of environmental sciences: ecology, analysis of past and present physical environments, history, development, anthropology, economics, law, communication and sociology.

    A program focusing on environmental changes

    • Analysis of landscapes and natural resources emphasizing evolution trajectories, their measurement and their consideration in the current management of the environment 
    • An extensive curriculum with lectures in environmental history

    2 thematic areas

    • Spaces, protection, landscapes: spatial approaches to the environment (ecosystems and landscapes, conflicts and mediations, populations and local knowledge) 
    • Heritage, risks, erosions: temporal dimension (both chronological and sedimentary) of the environment, integrating historical heritage, risks, impacts (including paleo-impacts), and the assessment of abiotic resources

    Part of the program taught in French / English

    100% of this program is in French.

    Career opportunities after this course

    • Mission or project managers (trade unions, companies) 
    • Experts or consultants in the field of the environment (design offices, NGOs) 
    • Researchers or teachers-researchers (Institute for Development Research-IRD, Centre for International Cooperation of Agricultural Research for Development-CIRAD, National Centre for scientific research-CNRS, universities...) 
    • Directors of environmental services (communities, businesses) 
    • Scientific journalist or essayist

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