Research Administration and dissemination of knowledge for institutions

Open to :
  • Applicants holding a Master's level degree
  • EU/EEA students
  • Non-european students
Language poficency requirements :
  • French: B2

    The program “Research Administration and knowledge dissemination for Institutions”  (known as ADMIRE in French) of the Master’s degree in Social Sciences aims at training very high-level administrators, in France and Europe, in both the public and the private sector.

    Vocational training

    At the end of this program, students will be qualified to transmit their knowledge in the academic, political, administrative and economic sectors. More specifically, they will be able to ensure:

    • Strategic management of research and innovation policies on behalf of the European Union, the state, local authorities, research organizations, business universities and hospital-university centers; 
    • Project engineering in competitiveness clusters, different advanced research networks, research and care networks, leading European networks, companies and laboratories; 
    • Scientific promotion and transfer of technology in research organizations, universities, research and higher education centers and enterprises; 
    • Dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge and culture.

    Comprehensive training

    The ADMIRE course is organized into classes and internships. The curriculum includes traditional and professionally-based teaching provided by teacher-researchers and professionals. It requires regular and substantial personal work as well as participation in team projects.

    Part of the program taught in French / English

    100% of this program is in French.

    Career opportunities after this course

    • Management positions in public or private research institutions, higher education institutions, Research Units, knowledge dissemination 
    • Senior management position in the European Union, the State or public authorities responsible for research, scientific dissemination and the innovation sector 
    • Executive manager of high-tech private companies
    • Responsible for competitiveness clusters, thematic networks for advanced research, thematic research and care networks or any collaborative research and innovation technostructures

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