East and Contemporary Asia

Open to :
  • Applicants holding an undergraduate degree (Bachelor)
  • EU/EEA students
  • Non-European students
Language proficency requirements :
  • French: B2

    The Oriental and Contemporary Asia (ASIOC) program of the European and International Studies Master’s degree offers students good solid skills in the geographical area of East Asia.

    • Specialization in Japanese or Chinese 
    • Methodology and tools of Asian research and study in social sciences 

    A 2-year course : 

    • 1st year: Acquisition of the fundamental knowledge of the Asian regional area and a multidisciplinary and methodological approach. 
    • 2nd year: Solid thematic knowledge and specialization of the study and research professions. 

    Students are able to perfect their language skills over 2 years and in the country corresponding to their specialty.


    Language of teaching

    Most courses are in French.

    Career opportunities after this course

    • Project leader, NGO expert, specialist in the area of "Asia ",
    • senior research leader. 

    Continue your studies

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