Application for Master's degrees with scholarships


The ENS de Lyon and its partners offer scholarships (Ampère & MILYON Scholarships) for excellent international students to enrol in its Masters programs.

Ampère Scholarships of Excellence

Master's programs concerned: all Master’s programs in the Exact Sciences, the Arts, and Human and Social Sciences (except FEADéP Master's programs). Consult the rules related to the Ampère scholarship (document on the right)
Amount: 1,000€ a month during one or two academic years

More information:


Results for 2019-2020: Main List     Complementary List


MILYON Scholarship 


Master’s programs concerned: Advanced Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science
The project is funded within the framework of the French government’s "Investissement d'avenir" program

1- Complete and submit the online form 


(Complete the online application form)

Please note: this form allow you to candidate for admission in a master with a scholarship of excellence.

Documents to be uploaded on the online form:

  • All candidates: 
    • Two referee forms from professors who have close knowledge of your work: download the referee evaluation form  (document on the right)
    • Motivation Letter
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Certificate of diplomas and degrees already obtained (ex: Bachelor degree)
    • University academic transcript of records
  • If you are applying for a Master’s program in the Arts, Humanities, Languages or Social Sciences:
    • a summary of your research project in French (3 pages maximum)
      the reasons underlying the choice, the justification in relation to previous research in the same field (whether personal or not), methodological direction, an indicative bibliography, a list of personal publications or participations in colloquia (if applicable)
    • a certificate of Proficiency in French: DALF, DELF, TCF. If you are comng from a French Speaking country ( see the list),you can join a letter in French that explain this part
  • If you are applying for admission in the Exact Sciences: a certificate of Proficiency in French (DALF, DELF, TCF) and in English (IELTS or TOEFL).
    If you don't speak French, please join a letter stating this point.

2 -  Application review

All applications are reviewed by the admission committee of the ENS de Lyon. No results will be given by phone. 

3 - Results

The results will only be sent by mail to all candidates. 

4 - Admissions and enrolment

If your application is accepted, you will receive a letter of pre-enrolment and the procedures to be followed for enrolment.

Information to prepare your stay in Lyon

  • Call for applications: from November 21, 2018, at noon (Time at Lyon, France) to January 10, 2019, at 11:59pm (Time at Lyon, France).
  • Results: February, 2019
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