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→ New version 0.3α released!

ENSnano: A software for designing 3D DNA/RNA nanostructures

ENSnano takes up the concept of others DNA/RNA nanostructures design software like cadnano and scadnano, and introduces the following features:

  • A smooth and intuitive design interface

  • Fast design and handling of large structures

  • Custom organisation of the 2D view

  • 3D cross-over recomandation

  • A new grid-based 3D organisation of helices

  • Realtime 3D visualisation and editing

  • Export of strand sequences to excel files for ordering

  • Import of designs from cadnano and scadnano, with 3D structure guessing and automatic grid assignement

  • Export to OxDNA for physical simulation, an export to MrDNA is also planed.

  • Cross-platform: Windows, MacOS and Linux

ENSnano is developed by Nicolas Levy and Nicolas Schabanel.

Mailing list

Join / sign off the mailing list at: https://listes.ens-lyon.fr/sympa/info/ensnano


The following links points to short video tutorials that will get you started with ENSnano in no time:

ENSnano tutorials youtube channel

Getting ENSnano 0.3αlpha

Download binaries: Windows, Mac OS with Intel or M1 chip

You can get binaries for Windows or MacOS on ENSnano's github repository.

Download for Windows 10+
(requires Direct X 12+)

Download for Mac OS 10.13+
with intel chip

Download for Mac OS 11.0+
with M1 chip

In case mac OS blocks the app from launching, just follow the procedure to get the app approved by Mac OS:

How to pass Mac OS security check

Compile it from source

  1. Install Rust language. For windows, follow the link. For Linux and Mac OS, just type in a terminal:

    curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh

  2. Download the source code. For Linux and Mac OS, just type in a terminal:

    git clone https://github.com/thenlevy/ensnano.git

  3. Compile and run! This will download dependencies the first time, thus it might take some time...
    For Linux and Mac OS, just type in a terminal:

    cd ensnano
    cargo run --release

Changes in 0.3α

Main changes are:

Changes in 0.2.1

Main changes are:

A DNA origami designed in ENSnano using 3D crossover recommendations

The following design was created in a few hours, from scratch to DNA strand order, using ENSnano.

Download the ENSnano file, staples and oxDNA export files : ENSnano-rocket_design.zip



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