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→ New: videos of Upcoming features (curved DNA) in ENSnano

ENSnano: A software for designing 3D DNA/RNA nanostructures

ENSnano takes up the concept of others DNA/RNA nanostructures design software like cadnano and scadnano, and introduces the following features:

  • A smooth and intuitive design interface

  • Fast design and handling of large structures

  • Custom organisation of the 2D view

  • 3D cross-over recomandation

  • A new grid-based 3D organisation of helices

  • Realtime 3D visualisation and editing

  • Export of strand sequences to excel files for ordering

  • Import of designs from cadnano and scadnano, with 3D structure guessing and automatic grid assignement

  • Export to OxDNA for physical simulation, an export to MrDNA is also planed.

  • Cross-platform: Windows, MacOS and Linux

ENSnano is developed by Nicolas Levy and Nicolas Schabanel.

Mailing list

Join / sign off the mailing list at: https://listes.ens-lyon.fr/sympa/info/ensnano


The following links points to short video tutorials that will get you started with ENSnano in no time:

ENSnano tutorials youtube channel

Upcoming features

We are currently developing features that will allow the editing of curved DNA nanostructures in ENSnano. Previews are available on the dedicated playlist on our YouTube channel.

Getting ENSnano 0.4.0

Download binaries: Windows (Vulkan or DirectX), Mac OS with Intel or M1 chip

You can get binaries for Windows or MacOS on ENSnano's github repository.

Download for Windows 10 with Vulkan (preferred)
(requires Vulkan drivers - should be installed on your PC already)

Download for Windows 10 for DirectX (if Vulkan version does not work only)
(requires Direct X 12+)

Download for Mac OS 10.13+
with intel chip

Download for Mac OS 11.0+
with M1 chip

In case mac OS blocks the app from launching, just follow the procedure to get the app approved by Mac OS:

How to pass Mac OS security check

Compile it from source

  1. Install Rust language. For windows, follow the link. For Linux and Mac OS, just type in a terminal:

    curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh

  2. Download the source code. For Linux and Mac OS, just type in a terminal:

    git clone https://github.com/thenlevy/ensnano.git

  3. Compile and run! This will download dependencies the first time, thus it might take some time...
    For Linux and Mac OS, just type in a terminal:

    cd ensnano
    cargo run --release

Changes in version

A DNA origami designed in ENSnano using 3D crossover recommendations

The following design was created in a few hours, from scratch to DNA strand order, using ENSnano.

Download the ENSnano file, staples and oxDNA export files : ENSnano-rocket_design.zip



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