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ASIO5102 : L'économie chinoise

The Chinese Economy

Niveau M2

Discipline(s) Economie

ECTS 3.00

Période 1e semestre

Localisation Site Descartes

Année 2021-2022

 Public externe (ouverts aux auditeurs de cours)

Lundi Matin
Horaires du cours
Lundi 09h30-11h30 du 27/09/2021 au 13/12/2021 inclus
Objectif du cours

This course on contemporary Chinese economy is directed towards an assessment of China’s economic and social transformation in the post-1978 economic reforms period. Moving away from a closed, poor, and centrally-planned economy, China is now a major player in the global economy with far-reaching implications for the rest of the world. The course aims at helping students to understand both China’s role in global change and the complexity of these changes. For that, it is organized around topic areas that aim at providing a comprehensive coverage of China’s economic achievements, prospects and challenges.

The topics covered include: China’s political economy; Economic growth; Agriculture and the rural economy; Urban sector and urbanization; Demographics and the labour market; Health and housing; Inequality and poverty; China in the world economy; Savings and the financial system; Energy and the environment.

There is no formal prerequisite for this course, which is aimed at students with a pluridisciplinary background. Yet, as a course on China’s economy, the approach will be dominantly economic and necessitates that students understand basic economic theories.

Course taught in English.

The class is intended to be run partly like a seminar, with active participation on the students’ part. Starting from week 4, classes will include a 1-hour students’ presentation of research papers from the reading list.

The assessment will be based on the following production:

  • In-class student presentation of a research paper (PPT presentation due 1 week before presentation) – 30%
  • Written executive summary of the research paper – 30%
  • An argumentative writing based on a newspaper article (to be handed-in at the end of the term) – 40%

Ce cours est organisé en 1 séance d'introduction le lundi 20 septembre 2021 de 10h30 à 11h30, puis 10 séances les lundis de 9h30 à 11h30, du 27 septembre 2021 au 13 décembre 2021 inclus. Pas de cours les lundis 25 octobre et 1er novembre 2021.


There is no required text, but the following three books are good references and will be used throughout the class, together with additional references.

  • Brandt, Loren and Rawski, Thomas G., 2010. China’s Great Economic Transformation. Cambridge University Press.
  • Kroeber, Arthur R., 2020. China’s Economy – What Everyone Needs to Know. Oxford University Press. 2nd edition.
  • Naughton, Barry, 2018. The Chinese Economy: Adaptation and Growth. MIT Press. 2nd edition.
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