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ECO-5110 : Social security

Niveau M2

Discipline(s) Economie

ECTS 3.00

Période 1e semestre

Localisation Site Descartes

Année 2019-2020

 Public externe (ouverts aux auditeurs de cours)

Jeudi Après-midi
Horaires du cours
Jeudi 3/10/19 13H-16H; Jeudi 10/10/19 13H-16H; Jeudi 17/10/19 13H-16H; Jeudi 24/10/19 13H-16H; Jeudi 14/11/19 13H-16H; Jeudi 21/11/19 13H-16H; Jeudi 28/11/19 13H-16H; Jeudi 5/12/19 13H-16H.
Objectif du cours

This course covers an array of topics in health economics that relate with the impact of « work » – broadly defined as  conditions on the job, career shocks, economic fluctuations, trade-imported shocks on the labor market – on health. As health and work should be placed in the wider context of the SES-health relationship, we first review and assess the determinants of inequalities in health. We then discuss the main theoretical models that may explain socio-economic differences in health (and in particular the Grossman model of health demand).

A first part of the course discusses the impact of career shocks (graduating in a bad economy, losing one’s job, the fear of losing one’s job, retiring, going on disability) on health. A second part studies the link between economic fluctuations and health . We ask whether recessions are good for health – and give a seemingly paradoxical answer. We also discuss trade-imported health shocks, and the (related?) rise of « deaths of despair » in the American white working class. We  end the lecture with the lifecourse approach to health and ageing, with a particular focus on early life conditions.

Most of the course is embeded in the context of recent empirical research on policy evaluation in health. Endogeneity is a core issue when identifying the impact of work on health, and identification problems will be thoroughly discussed throughout the lecture.

The course builds on previous and concurrent courses in the Msc program, in particular, Microeconomics II and Econometrics 1-3. Familiarity with contents of these courses is assumed.

Lecturer : Mathilde Godard

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2019 Tanner Lecture by Angus Deaton: 'Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism », available at :

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