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ECO-5112 : Redistribution and taxation

Niveau M2

Discipline(s) Economie

ECTS 3.00

Période 1e semestre

Localisation Site Descartes

Année 2019-2020

 Public externe (ouverts aux auditeurs de cours)

Mardi Après-midi
Vendredi Après-midi
Horaires du cours
Mardi 12/11/19 13H-16H; Vendredi 15/11/19 13H-16H; Mardi 19/11/19 13H-16H; Vendredi 22/11/19 8H30-11H30; Mardi 26/11/19 13H-16H; Vendredi 29/11/19 13H-16H; Mardi 3/12/19 13H-16H; Vendredi 6/12/19 13H-16H.
Objectif du cours

This course will be focused on answering and discussing the following types of questions.

1. What are the distortive effects of taxation?

2. What are the redistributive effects of taxation?

3. How should the government set commodity taxes?

4. Should VAT rates be uniform or differentiated? If differentiated, how?

5. How high should the labor income tax be set?

6. Should marginal income taxes vary across the income distribution? If so, how?

7. How high should the tax rate on top income earners be?

8. Should the government tax the personal income from savings and investments? Even if the savings themselves were already taxed when earned?

9. How can government fight tax evasion?

10. How do taxes affect individual behavior under risk?

11. Should the government set a minimum wage if it can redistribute with taxes?

Lecturer : Laurent Simula, Professor of Economics, ENS Lyon


Bibliography :

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Undergraduate level books :

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More lecture slides :

Raj Chetty:

Emmanuel Saez:

Guy Laroque:

References :

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