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INFO4107 : Compilation et Analyse de Programmes

Compilers and program analysis

Niveau M1+M2

Discipline(s) Informatique

ECTS 6.00

Période 1e semestre

Localisation Site Monod

Année 2021-2022

 Public externe (ouverts aux auditeurs de cours)

Mardi Après-midi
Vendredi Matin
Horaires du cours
Tuesday 15h45-17h45 TP
Friday 10h15-12h15 CM
Objectif du cours

This course covers basic topics in compilation and program analysis: the differents steps of machine language production, as well as program analysis for optimisation and verification:

  • lexical and syntactic analysis;
  • typing, semantics;
  • code optimisation and code generation;
  • imperative languages, functional langages;
  • abstract interpretation.
The compilation course need the following requirements:
      - Some familiarity with inference rules. For instance "Semantics with Applications",  Nielson&Nielson, chapter 1 & 2.
      - Understanding of proofs by induction, for instance
      - Labs are done with Python. We only require basic familiarity with functions and dictionaries. For instance,, chapter 1 to 5 (4.7 excluded).

The course has 1 course session (2hours) and 1 lab session (2 hours) per week during the first semester of M1. Students will develop their own compiler over the course.

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