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INFO4109 : Quantum Computer Science

Quantum Computer Science

Niveau M1+M2

Discipline(s) Informatique

ECTS 6.00

Période 1e semestre

Localisation Site Monod

Année 2021-2022

 Public externe (ouverts aux auditeurs de cours)

Mardi Matin
Horaires du cours
10:15 - 12:15
Objectif du cours

This course will give the student the basics of the computer science aspects of quantum information processing. This includes the mathematical formalism, fundamental quantum algorithms, information theory and error correcting codes,

Familiarity with probability and linear algebra.

2 hours of lectures and 2 hours of tutorial per week.

Evaluation : 50% on final exam and 50 % on homeworks and midterm exem

- Nielsen and Chuang, Quantum Information and Computation

- Kitaev, Shen, Vyali, Classical and Quantum Computation

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