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                Special issue: Real Numbers and Computers

Guest editors: Marc Daumas and Nathalie Revol.

IMPORTANT DATES (tentative planning):
 - Deadline for submissions of manuscripts:        January 5th, 2004
   (full papers only; extended abstracts will be rejected)
 - Notification of acceptance/rejection:           April, 2004
 - Deadline for reception of final papers:         July, 2004
 - Parution:                                       beginning of 2005

Efficient  manipulation  of  real  numbers  in computers  is  still  a
challenge.  Many interesting  theoretical and algorithmic problems are
linked with  that topic and belong  to quite distant  fields such as
computer science, number  theory, numerical analysis, computer algebra
and  logics.  A  number  of TCS  special  issues on  real numbers  and
computers has previously appeared (162  (1), 210(1), 279 (1-2) and 291
(2)),  as follow-up  to the  RNC meetings  on these  topics.  The last
meeting was RNC5 which took place in Lyon in September 2004, cf:

Scientists working  on questions  related to real  computer arithmetic
are encouraged  to present the  theoretical or algorithmic  aspects of
their results, even if they did not attend the RNC5 conference. Survey
and  tutorial  articles  may  be  suitable if  clearly  identified  as
such. Topics include (but are not restricted to) the following list:
 - any computational number system   
 - implemented by a software package or in hardware,
 - floating and fixed point,
 - serial, on line arithmetic,
 - continued fractions,  
 - exact computations, 
 - multiple precision, 
 - interval and stochastic arithmetics.

The  submission  should  contain  a  scholarly  exposition  of  ideas,
techniques, and  results, including motivation and  a clear comparison
with related work.  More details  may be given in an appendix. Authors
may submit additional background reference material that is not widely
available.    Submissions  must   not  substantially   duplicate  work
published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

Prepare a  PostScript or  PDF version of  your full 10-20  pages paper
preferably using Elsevier latex style

The file should be uploaded  to the special issue Internet site before
January 5th.

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