Approximations: from symbolic to numerical computation, and applications

Master d’informatique fondamentale of École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Fall-Winter 2015.

This course covers part of approximation theory from the point of view of effective computation. Computation of polynomial or rational approximants, efficient computation of Taylor series expansions or series expansions based on families of orthogonal polynomial, use of these expansions to produce approximations to a prescribed accuracy (Remez’ algorithm, Taylor and Chebyshev models). The power of these techniques is illustrated with three applications from different scientific domains: irrationality proofs in number theory, efficient evaluation of numerical functions, computational issues related to Near-Earth Objects.

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Lecture notes of the course

You can have a look at a draft version of the lecture notes.




  • Evaluation: there will be a take-home exam (consisting of a practical session on a computer) to turn in and an exam.


Lecture notes


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More advanced level.

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