The purpose of the SensLAB project supported by ANR is to deploy a very large scale open wireless sensor network platform. SensLAB’s main and most important goal is to offer an accurate and efficient scientific tool to help in the design, development, tuning, and experimentation of real large-scale sensor network applications.

Ambient and sensor networks have recently emerged as a premier research topic. Sensor networks are a promising approach and a multi-disciplinary venture that combines computer networks, signal processing, software engineering, embedded systems, and statistics on the technology side. On the scientific applications side, it covers a large spectrum: safety and security of buildings or spaces, measuring traffic flows, environmental engineering, and ecology, to cite a few. Sensor networks will also play an essential role in the upcoming age of pervasive computing as our personal mobile devices will interact with sensor networks dispatched in the environment.

SensLAB would be a unique scientific tool for the research on wireless sensor networks.

For more information about the project, please navigate through the SensLAB web pages.

Note that SensTOOL , a companion project supported by INRIA offers a hardware (daugther cards) and software  (drivers,  communication libraries, OSes) for the SensLAB nodes.  For more information about the software, drivers,  please navigate through the SensTOOLS web pages.