fOSSa 2010 (Free/Open Source Software for Academics)

The goal of “fOSSa” (Free/Open Source Software for Academics) is to review Open Source fundamentals, OSS trends, present innovating Projects, present communities experiences:

  • to foster anyone who would like to create, sustain and transfer an OSS project from his/her laboratory to the industrial world in a more productive manner;
  • to help start-ups and companies to find answers to overcome Open Source “constraints” within their environment and to better understand the OSS culture;
  • to enable academia and industry to meet, talk together and find synergies between research ideas and industrial needs,
  • provide a free expression room where Open Source communities can present their projects.

Hopefully, we expect to show the benefits of the participation in a collaborative network aiming at increasing the value of academic results, gathering them in a common environment and releasing them in Open Source.

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fOSSa MutualismfOSSa Mutualism