GREEN-NET Project : Power aware software frameworks for high performance data transport and computing in large scale distributed systems


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The GREEN-NET is a Cooperative Research Action (ARC : Action de Recherche Cooperative) supported by INRIA. This project explores the design of energy-aware software frameworks dedicated to large scale distributed systems. These frameworks will collect energy usage information and provide them to resources managers and schedulers. Large scale experimental validations on Grid5000 and DSLLAB platforms will be proposed.

Energy Sensors : Live View of Electrical Usage on Grid5000 platform

See all Grid5000 platform nodes monitored by the 18 Green-Net electrical sensors : If you don't have a Grid5000 account, click here to see the demo of the monitored nodes (flash document).

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Inquiries may be directed to : Laurent Lefèvre (GREEN-NET project leader) - INRIA, Lyon, France - E-Mail: