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Casimir effect, theory and experiments

Serge Reynaud (LKB ENS)
Quand ? Le 16/03/2015,
de 11:00 à 12:30
Où ? Salle Fontaine
Participants Serge Reynaud
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The Casimir effect is a crucial prediction of Quantum Field Theory, at the interface with open problems of fundamental physics such as the puzzle of vacuum energy and the test of the gravity force law at short distances. The simple expression written by Hendrik Casimir corresponds to an idealized situation which does not describe real experiments. The effects of the imperfect reflection of mirrors, thermal fluctuations, plane-sphere geometry are now taken into account better and better. Progress is still ongoing for the role of surface irregularities (roughness and patch effects). I will present the status of the comparison between theory and experiments for the Casimir force between metallic mirrors, including still unsolved points.

Serge Reynaud & Astrid Lambrecht, Lecture notes on Casimir Forces and references therein.

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