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International Physicists' Tournament

International Physicists' Tournament
Quand ? Le 21/01/2019,
de 11:00 à 12:00
Où ? Salle des thèses
Participants International Physicists' Tournament
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The students from the physics department will present a selection of problems from the IPT:

* Problem #10: Cup flyers

A lightweight cup flyer thrown horizontally with a high backspin initially rises against gravity. Consider a flyer with a center of mass that is shifted from its geometrical center. Explain the flyer’s trajectory and discuss the influence of the center of mass location and other relevant parameters on the maximum height and the stability of the flight.

* Problem #11: Circle magnet

If you stack many small cylindrical magnets, the resulting stick of the magnets will have some elasticity. Is it possible make it sufficiently elastic to join both ends of the magnet stick? If yes, what is the minimal attainable ratio of the radius of the resulting circle of magnets to the single magnet radius?

* Problem #13: String shooter

A closed loop of string fed between two high-speed rotating wheels seems to defy gravity. Explain the overall shape of the loop and investigate the propagation of waves on the string.

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