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Statistical mechanics perspectives on cosmological problems

Christian Maes (KU Leuven)
Quand ? Le 22/02/2021,
de 11:00 à 12:00
Où ? Webseminar
Participants Christian Maes
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We review some well-known paradoxes in cosmology and give a statistical mechanics reading.  Puzzles to be touched include the horizon and the flatness problem, the information paradox, the dark energy problem and the origin of the so called space roar.  We  look at them from the (more naive) point of view of statistical mechanics. Each time, we emphasize the role of statistical arguments to complement the dynamical understanding.  In the end, we argue, statistical mechanics clarifies important aspects of the problems and has a great future in contributing to the understanding of newly observed "fluctuation" features of our cosmos.  Exciting directions for nonequilibrium (statistical) cosmology are briefly added, especially concerning geometric dissipation. 

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