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Looking into the Abyss

Alioscia Hamma (University of Massachusetts, Boston)
Quand ? Le 05/07/2021,
de 11:00 à 12:00
Où ? Amphi Schrödinger
Participants Alioscia Hamma
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Few concepts are more fascinating than the one expressed by the word Chaos (χάος). Originally meaning ‘the Abyss’, but soon opposed to the notion of an ordered universe, the concept of chaos lives up to its etymology by being a very challenging notion to define precisely. In classical mechanics, chaotic systems are those displaying high sensitivity to the initial conditions. In quantum physics, that of Chaos is still a very confused notion, and different authors may mean very different things. 
In this talk, we review the notions of classical and quantum chaos, describe some of the methods in the study of quantum chaos, and present a recent result: quantum chaos is truly quantum, that is, it cannot be simulated by a classical system. 

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