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Job vacancy (research assistant / lab manager) AI CDD 18 months

A position AI/ IE is available in the Quantitative regulatory genomics team (M. Francesconi)

Details of job offer 

Mission of the team

The broad interest of the team is understanding how genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors and their interplay impact on gene regulation in space and time, to generate phenotypic variation. To this     end     we     use     both     computational     and     experimental     approaches     in    metazoans.

We have found that environmental perturbation in parental generation impacts the next generation of non-exposed individuals in the nematode C. elegans. We have recently received funding from ANR to understand which molecular and phenotypic differences are induced by parental environment and what    is    the    mechanism    of    signal    transmission    and    interpretation    across    generations.

The  appointee  will  work  on  this  project  to  understand  the  mechanisms  of  transmission  and interpretation of environmental signals from one generation to the next.


Main activities

- Set up and performing mutant and/or RNAi screens and phenotyping for the molecular dissection of the transmission and interpretation of intergenerational signals.

- Test, calibrate and use a new C. elegans optogenetic switch (in collaboration with Gael Yvert's team at LBMC) to test the specific cellular and time requirements of screen hits.

Associated activities

- Daily management of the laboratory: participation in the management of orders (reagents, consumables) and laboratory equipment

- Organization of scientific product stocks (antibodies, primers, chemicals, etc.) and research protocols.

Knowledge and Skills


- Knowledge of health and safety regulations

- Knowledge of Good Laboratory Practice

- Fluency in English (reading and analysis of scientific publications, participation in team meetings, presentation of results)

- Knowledge of basic molecular biology techniques (PCR etc...)

- Knowledge of basic computer tools (Excel etc...)

- Organization and analysis of experimental data

- Maintaining a laboratory notebook

- Communication of results to research team collaborators

- Excellent rigor, methodology and organization

- Ability to work in a team environment

- Dynamism, good interpersonal skills


- Experience with C. elegans (basic handling and RNAi screening)

- Experience with microscope phenotyping

How to apply

Send your CV and a motivation letter to

Applications via the CNRS Portail Emploi