PAI FAST between INRIA RESO and Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia


General Information

Source of funding: French Ministery of Foreign Affairs
Project Duration: June 1, 2005 - December 31, 2006
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Project Overview

This project focuses on the design of Web Services based on Programmable Networks Infrastructure (WeSPNI). This collaboration between RESO team and Programming Language and System group (PLAS) in Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia) aims to bring together researchers able to design next gener ation of overlay networks. We observe a real convergence between Grid infrastructure and Web Service solutions. Based on the Open Grid Service Infrastructure, Grid researchers have proposed the WSRF (Web Service Resource Framework) where Web Services naturally fit in Grid requirements. This collaboration exploits this convergence by providing network solutions adapted to Grid requirements. This Fast project is supported by French Ministry of Foreign affairs.

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Inquiries may be directed to :
Laurent Lefèvre
INRIA, Lyon ,France

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