General Information

Reference: ANR-06-CIS6-005
Source of funding: ANR CIS
Project Duration: January 1, 2007 - December 31, 2009
Official Project Home Page: http://hipcal.lri.fr

Project Overview

HIPCAL studies a new paradigm (grid substrate) based on confined virtual cluster concept for resource control in grids. In particular, we propose to study and implement new approaches for bandwidth sharing and end to end network quality of service guarantees. The global infrastructure (computers, disks, networks) partitioned in virtual infrastructures (aggregation of virtual machines coupled with virtual channels) is dynamically composed. These virtual clusters are multiplexed in time and space, isolated and protected. The goal of this project is to explore an approach in a break with current services-oriented principles developed in grids to jointly enhance the application portability, the communications performance control and their security. The project aims at providing a grid substrate based on end to end bandwidth reservation, control overlay, network and system virtualization, cryptographic identification principles.

The project will be validated and evaluated at different scales on the Grid5000 testbed with biomedical applications, demanding in security , performance and reliability. 10 to 1000 processors, links with 100Mb/s to 10Gb/s, few microseconds to 100ms will be involved in these experimentations. Comparison with Globus, Planetlab and Cluster on Demand approaches will be one of the specific goals of the experiments. We aim at demonstrating the functional transparency, enhanced predictability and efficiency for applications offered by the HIPerCAL approach.

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Project Members