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The eXplicit Control Protocol (XCP [Katabi02]) is a transport protocol that uses the assistance of specialized routers to accurately determine the available bandwidth along the path from the source to the destination. In this way, XCP efficiently controls the sender's congestion window size thus avoiding the traditional slow-start and congestion avoidance phase. However, XCP requires the collaboration of all the routers on the data path which is almost impossible to achieve in an incremental deployment scenario of XCP. It has been shown that XCP behaves worse than TCP, in the presence of non-XCP routers thus limiting the benefit of having XCP running in some parts of the network.

RESO researchers and their partners have improved the robustness of XCP on high speed networks (XCP-r architecture) and the interoperability of XCP with heterogeneous network equipments (XCP-i module). The fairness issues between XCP and other existing protocols (TCP) are curently explored.

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