Optimized Protocols and Software for High-Performance Networks

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Prochain Groupe de travail le 10/03/2010 à 10h, orateur : Fabienne Anhalt

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Title: Programmable per flow switching with OpenFlow
Speaker : Fabienne Anhalt 
Date: 10/03/2010 à 10h 
Location: Salle du conseil (LIP, 3eme etage)
One goal of the future Internet is to "desossify" the network, making it
flexible and configurable. In this context, OpenFlow, which is part of the
Clean-Slate programm at Stanford University, allows to configure remotely
in software the flow tables of switches. This separates the control plane
from the data plane, allowing switching in standard commercial hardware and
programmable routing in software on classical PCs or servers.
The new flexibility introduced into the network makes of OpenFlow one
of the most promising clean-slate approaches for the future Internet.
This presentation is an introduction to OpenFlow, its features, its
actual implementation status and our ongoing work on a possible integration
with Grid'5000 and HIPerNET.
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