Optimized Protocols and Software for High-Performance Networks

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Next working group 10/03/2010 at 11AM - speaker: Syed Zubair Ahmad

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On wednesday 1Oth March at 11AM, Syed Zubair Ahmad will present his research works.

"Title: Analysis of Multi-path Flow Management in Capacity Aggregation of Multiple wireless interfaces of a multi-mode mobile device 

Abstract: The fast evolution of mobile computing has increased the load on wireless networks, raising availability issues.  In the presence of multiple wireless interfaces in a single device (terminal or router), there are scenarios where use of a single wireless interface may not provide service guarantees, particularly during mobility events such as handovers, and weak signal conditions. Simultaneous use of multiple interfaces may reduce impact of such events significantly. The use of multiple interfaces accompanies heterogeneous path characteristics for the packets of a single flow and they may experience different states of network congestion along-with different path length (in-terms of number of hops). This causes higher end-to-end (E2E) delay variations between the successive packets arriving at the destination, increasing reordering overhead. 

In this talk, I would briefly share my research work for studying the possibility of Quality-of-Service maximization using multiple links of a multi-mode mobile device (MMD).  The use of cross layer intelligence to reduce impact of the multi-path traversal is the main essence. We use two important parameters of network traffic; One-way Trip Time (OTT) and capacity of wireless links to schedule traffic on multiple links. The formalization of such approach with comprehensive analysis of multipath flow management is the main challenge. I would like to share some basic model for the same." 

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