Optimized Protocols and Software for High-Performance Networks

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GdT le 26/05 à 14h00 - Mathieu IMBERT

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Mathieu Imbert nous présentera ses travaux de recherche jeudi 26 mai à 14h en salle du conseil.
Ci-dessous un résumé de sa présentation.
Rapid experiment development with Execo
Execo aims at easing and speeding up the prototyping / development of Computer Sciences experiments on various testbeds. It offers a Python API to finely and efficiently control the execution of individual or groups of operating system processes, which can be local or remote (through ssh-like remote command execution tools). It is well suited for scripting workflows of operations on local or remote hosts: conducting experiments, performing automated tests, server administration tasks, etc.
In this presentation, I will briefly describe execo's API and show how it can be used for scripting experiments, especially on Grid5000.
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