Optimized Protocols and Software for High-Performance Networks

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GdT le 01/09 à 13h30 - Jordan AUGE

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Jordan Augé , chercheur au LIP6, nous présentera ses travaux de recherche jeudi 1 septembre à 13h30 en salle du conseil. 
Ci-dessous un résumé de sa présentation. 
Titre : Measurement-Based Admission Control for Flow-Aware Implicit Service Differentiation
 It has previously been shown that the combined use of fair queuing and admission control would allow the Internet to provide satisfactory quality of service for both

streaming and elastic flows without explicitly identifying traffic classes. In this paper we discuss the design of the required measurement based admission control

 (MBAC) scheme. The context is different to that of previous work on MBAC in that there is no prior knowledge of flow characteristics and there is a twofold objective:to maintain adequate throughput for elastic flows and to ensure low packet latency for any flow whose peak rate is less than a given threshold. In the paper we consider

 the second objective assuming realistically that most elastic and streaming flows are rate limited. We propose an MBAC algorithm and evaluate its performance by

simulation under different stationary traffic mixes and in a flash crowd scenario. The algorithm is shown to offer a satisfactory compromise between flow performance

and link utilization. GdT Reso - Jordan Auge scheduled September 1, 2011 from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM Location: Salle du conseil
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