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Plant growth and development are regulated by interactions between the environment and endogenous developmental programs. The “Cell Signaling” lab is interested in identifying the molecular and cellular mechanisms behind signal transduction and cell-cell communication in plants. We use Arabidopsis thaliana, an ideal organism for integrative biology, genetics and molecular investigations of signaling networks.

The “Cell Signaling” lab is composed of two groups that study cell signaling with an emphasis on receptor kinases and intracellular trafficking:

Molecular dialog during

pollen-pistil interaction

Lipid signaling

in plant development &

environmental interactions

Lipid signaling in plant cell division

and organogenesis

You will find in these pages information on our research projects, our team members and plenty of other information for understanding, who we are, what we are doing and how to contact and join us!

What are the mechanismS behind cell-cell communication in plants?

Cell Signaling lab

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