June 2nd - June 13th : A two-week comparitive developmental biology course

Mechanisms of Development in Plants and Animals

Organisers : Pradeep Das (RDP) and Vincent Laudet (IGFL)

As part of the ’UE Europe seminar series ’ the course is structured such that each invitee gives an introductory class in the morning and a normal research seminar in the afternoon. Both are open to all, and they would very strongly encourage Masters and PhD students to attend as many of these as time permits. This year as last year, we have a very exciting list of people coming from all Europe. Come and Enjoy ! - Here is the detailed program !

The introductory classes are at 9:30 and 10:30 in Amphi K (first week) and in Amphi I (second week).

The research seminars are at 13h30 and 14h30 in Salle des Theses.

 June 2nd (Monday)
Siobhan Braybrook (Cambridge, UK) : "Multiscale shape growth in plants"
Gerrit Begemann (U. Bayreuth) : "Retinoic acid controls various aspects of zebrafish fin regeneration"
 June 3rd (Tuesday)
Henrik Jönsson (Cambridge, UK) : "Understanding plant shoot development - a computational morphodynamics approach"
Stephanie Bertrand (Laboratoire Arago, Banyuls) : "Evolution of somitogenesis in the chordate lineage"
 June 4th (Wednesday)
Francois Parcy (CEA, Grenoble) : "An integrated structural approach to flower development"
Thomas Holstein (U. Heidelberg, Germany) : "The Hydra organizer and the evolution of metazoan body axes"
 June 5th (Thursday)
Jan Lohmann (U. Heidelberg, Germany) : "A regulatory framework of plant stem cell control"
Nathalie Dostatni (Institut Curie) : "Transcriptional dynamics in the Drosophila embryo"
 June 6th (Friday)
Dolf Weijers (Wageningen U., Netherlands) : "Genetic control of growth and patterning in the plant embryo"
Abderrhaman Khila (IGFL, ENS Lyon) : "An integrative approach to the study of animal diversity"

 June 10th (Tuesday)
Frank Wellmer (Dublin, Ireland) : "Repression of the leaf development program by floral organ identity
Yohanns Bellaïche (Institut Curie, Paris) : "Epithelial tissue dynamics"
 June 11th (Wednesday)
Jill Harrison (Cambridge, UK) :
Stéphane Noselli (Institut Valrose, Nice) : "Left-Right asymmetry in Drosophila"
 June 12th (Thursday)
Patrick Laufs (INRA, Versailles) : "Leaf morphogenesis in Arabidodpsis, from genes to shape"
Pierre-François Lenne (IBDM, Marseille) : "Mechanics of cell contacts during tissue morphogenesis"

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