RDP Seminar Bruce Kohorn

Wall Associated Kinases, Cell Expansion, and the Stress Response

RDP seminar by Bruce Kohorn from the Bowdoin College (Brunswick, Maine, USA)

Abstract :
The Wall Associated Kinases (WAKs) are receptors that bind pectin in the cell wall, and span the plasma membrane to place a serine/threonine kinase in the cytoplasm. WAKs are required for cell expansion by in part increasing solutes concentrations. But WAKs have a preferential binding to pectin fragments generated by wounding or pathogens as they invade, and stimulate a defense response. Thus one receptor type monitors the state of pectin in the ECM to drive expansion or a response to pathogen.

Date : Monday, April 16th
Time : 11am
Location : Salle des Thèses

RDP host : Stéphane Verger

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