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RDP Seminar Gabriela Mosca - University of Zurich

You are welcome to the RDP Seminar of Gabriela Mosca from University of Zurich.

The 7th of March 2019 @ 16.00
Amphi F

Modeling plant morphogenesis (and bio-mechanics) with MorphoMechanX: general introduction and work in progress on A. thaliana ovule development.

Computational approaches have become an essential tool to understand developmental processes in plants. Within this seminar I will introduce the in-house built software MorphoMechanX (, an FEM-based tool conceived to simulate plant mechanics and growth. I will then explore some significant examples of applications that will elucidate the role of mechanics in plant development.
As last I will illustrate the on-going work on A. thaliana ovule development in C. Baroux lab.

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