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RDP Seminar Pengwei Wang

Press for deconstruction: actin cytoskeleton regulated autophagy in plants

RDP seminar by Pengwei Wang from Huazhong Agricultural University (China).

Date: Monday, September 3rd
Time: 11am
Location: Salle des Thèses

RDP host: Yuchen Long

Selected publications:

  • The plant cytoskeleton, NET3C, and VAP27 mediate the link between the plasma membrane and endoplasmic reticulum. P Wang, TJ Hawkins, C Richardson, I Cummins, MJ Deeks, I Sparkes, ... Current Biology 24 (12), 1397-1405
  • Arabidopsis NAP1 regulates the formation of autophagosomes. P Wang, C Richardson, C Hawes, PJ Hussey. Current Biology 26 (15), 2060-2069
  • Plant VAP27 proteins: domain characterization, intracellular localization and role in plant development. P Wang, C Richardson, TJ Hawkins, I Sparkes, C Hawes, PJ Hussey. New Phytologist 210 (4), 1311-1326
  • Putting the squeeze on PDs-a role for RETICULONS in primary plasmodesmata formation. K Knox, P Wang, V Kriechbaumer, J Tilsner, L Frigerio, I Sparkes, ... Plant physiology, pp. 00668.2015
  • Alternative splicing of the auxin biosynthesis gene YUCCA4 determines its subcellular compartmentation. V Kriechbaumer, P Wang, C Hawes, BM Abell. The Plant Journal 70 (2), 292-302

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