RDP Seminar Yohann Boutté

Lipid of the sphinx : the gate keeper - or - Dynamics of lipid remodelling at trans-Golgi Network (TGN) in protein sorting and cell polarity

RDP seminar by Yohann Boutté from the Laboratoire de Biogenèse Membranaire (Bordeaux, France)

Cell polarity is a defining feature of all organisms. Until very recently, it was thought that delivery of proteins to polar domains of root epidermal cells plasma membrane was non-polar, but this view has been re-examined, the delivery is polar but the dynamics, the paths taken and the mechanisms are unknown. We previously characterised an enrichment of Very-Long-Chain-Fatty-Acids (VLCFAs)-containing sphingolipids at the site of secretory vesicles (SVs) sub-domain of the trans-Golgi Network (TGN). Moreover, we identified the role of the length of sphingolipids acyl-chain in secretory sorting of the auxin carrier PIN2 from SVs-associated TGN to apical polar domain of the plasma membrane (PM). Using proteomics of SVs, genetics and pharmacological tools in combination with visualisation of lipid probes we could identify that sphingolipids control the turnover of other lipids at SVs. Our results show that sphingolipids act on phosphoinositides homeostasis establishing a new functional link between these two lipids in plant cells. These results force the reassessment of our view of lipid membranes and highlight the idea that not only proteins display a dynamic behaviour at TGN but also the dynamic remodelling of lipid composition during vesicle maturation and protein sorting plays a prominent role during these processes.

Date : Monday, April 9th
Time : 11am
Location : Salle des Thèses

Selected publications
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RDP host : Yvon Jaillais

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