Séminaire CBP-RDP de Marton Karsai

The RDP lab is pleased to coorganise a seminar with the CBP (Centre Blaise Pascal) the 30th of April at 11am, in the big CBP room (LR6). We are waiting for you with coffee and croissante beginning with 10:30am.

Our invited speaker is Marton Karsai, INRIA Assistant Professor at ENS Lyon-LIP (Computer Science Department) and IXXI Complex Systems Institute. He is also responsible of the Complex Networks M2 program at ENS Lyon.

Temporal motifs in time-dependent networks

Márton Karsai

Temporal networks are commonly used to represent systems where connections between elements are active only for restricted periods of time, such as telecommunication, neural signal processing, biochemical reaction and human social interaction networks. In this talk we introduce the framework of temporal motifs to study the mesoscale topological–temporal structure of temporal networks in which the events of nodes do not overlap in time. Temporal motifs are classes of similar event sequences, where the similarity refers not only to topology but also to the temporal order of the events. We provide a mapping from event sequences to coloured directed graphs that enables an efficient algorithm for identifying temporal motifs. We discuss some aspects of temporal motifs, including causality and null models, and present basic statistics of temporal motifs in a large mobile call network.

 L. Kovanen, M. Karsai, K. Kaski, J. Kertész, J. Saramäki, Temporal motifs in time-dependent networks, J. Stat. Mech. P11005 (2011), e-print : arxiv.org/abs/1107.5646

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