Séminaire de Biologie de Jérome Salse

The ENS Biology Department seminar series will be hosting next Wednesday (19th February) Jerome SALSE from INRA Clermont-Ferrand, who is doing some quite revolutionary work on genome evolution and the mechanisms by which whole genome duplication events have contributed to organismal evolution. Here are some links to other talks of Jérome Salse, done at the ENS of Lyon :
 Plant Paleogenomics for Trait Improvement.
 Paleogenomics and Evolution

The seminar will take place in the Salle des theses at 14h (Wed 19th Feb), and has the title

"Plant and Animal Genome Plasticity"

This should be a fascinating talk for anyone interested in evolution, or in the structure and dynamics of genomes, in any group of organisms. Hope to see you there !

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